11 Best Hair Wax in Singapore 2021: Choices You Won’t Regret

Hair wax is a hair styling product that adds personality and charm, taking you from ordinary to extraordinary in no time. It's undoubtedly tough to pin down one lightweight, fragrant, and easy-to-apply product.

Hence, we have compiled an entire list of the best hair waxes in Singapore that are of great formulations and can upgrade your grooming game. Just jump into the shower and be prepared to style your way out. All you need is a mirror, the hair wax, and time.

1) O'douds Dry Wax

O'douds is a company that promotes sensible choices for men's grooming needs. They achieve this through the sustainable formulation of their dry wax. Hence while looking your best, you know that the environment isn't being harmed in any way.

Odouds dry hair wax

The notable rewards of O'douds Dry Wax include long-lasting performance and ease of styling. You can quickly achieve a natural look with its instant drying and strong hold.

Sculpting your hairstyle couldn't get simpler.

The fragrance is also divine due to an exquisite blend of Bergamot and Green Tea. Enriched with naturally-occurring ingredients like rice bran, sea salt, and castor oil, you can achieve your desired deeply conditioned and nourished look. Simply take a small amount and massage it through your hair to get maximum hold.

The O'douds Dry Wax can be yours for $27.55 only from the House of Anarchy collection.

2) Suavesmith Matte Wax

This is a water-soluble wax that makes quite the impression with its properties. Its long-lasting strong hold is the ideal option for people on the move, with lacklustre styles regaining their lost shine and naturally looking good.

Suavesmith matte wax


Source: Suavesmith

The application is a cakewalk. Take a small amount and apply gently through your hair. Make sure it spreads evenly. Right from short to medium-length hair types, the outcome will be a sophisticated look.

You can easily wash it off with a rinse. To get your hands on one of the best hair wax in Singapore, log onto the Suavesmith Apothecary site and bag it for $14.95 only.

3) Morgan's Shaping Wax

The formula is particularly remarkable in its ability to shape and hold any hairstyle throughout the day. With delicate notes of coconut, you will start your day with the freshness that you need.

Morgan's Shaping Wax

Apart from being enamoured by the scent, everyone will be attracted to the shiny tresses it creates. Your hair will pick up a natural-looking shine and definition. With an ultra-light hold, this top hair wax in Singapore can style your hair at ease too.

Using just a little bit of the product, rub it through your hair evenly and warm it a bit to get the desired result in an instant. Get the Morgan's Shaping Wax at House of Anarchy for a discounted price of $22.40.

4) Gatsby Ultra Hard Wax

All the other hair waxes can move over; because here is an edgy product with a wild streak. Perfect for hair types ranging in length from short to medium-short, you can get a smooth and compact look instantly.

gatsby styling wax

Source: Gatsby Wax

Apply it from the roots down to the tips to get healthy and robust hair. The product's moisturizing property helps in keeping hair smooth and shiny. Its floral notes will also leave you smelling good throughout the day.

Gatsby Wax also has a strong holding power and adds definition to your hairstyle, especially with spikes. You can carry it around as it's available in the travel-size variants of 15 & 80g. At a highly affordable rate of $11, you can get a hold of one of the best hair wax in Singapore on the Gatsby site online.

5) APESTOMEN™ Nitro Wax 

Nitro Wax is versatile and vibrant, helping you instantly create a statement of elegance with this stylish product. Its two significant benefits include an increase in volume and a beautiful matte finish for any type of hair.


With the delicate scent of honeydew packed in, this product aims to deliver par excellence with top-notch attributes like a strong hold, smooth texture, and shiny appearance. 

It also has a distinct quality with its natural ingredients that seal the moisture and give you fantastic results every day. A single rinse is enough to wash it away, leaving absolutely no residue.

This brilliant product undoubtedly makes it in the list of top hair wax in Singapore, and is available in House of Anarchy at an affordable price range of $14.31. Get the APESTOMEN Nitro Wax here.

6) Dapper Dan Matt Paste

The Matt Paste is one of the crown jewels offered by the Dapper Dan brand. Renowned for its high quality, it is one of the best hair waxes in Singapore. Its strong hold and medium-level shine will help your hairstyle stand out from the rest for a long time.

Dapper Dan Matte Paste

Whether you're in the mood for a tousled look or a neatly set side parting, you can do it all because of the flexibility and versatility the paste offers. 

With a classic cologne scent, the paste can lift your spirits and power you through the day. Take a small amount, apply it all over to get an even spread, and use your fingers for styling. Washing it off is a breeze.

The Dapper Dan Matt Styling Paste is available at House of Anarchy for a discounted price of $28 only.

7) OriginalFook Ultimate Wax

This wax formulation is specifically designed to hold your hairstyle even in humid weather and scorching hot temperatures. Its matte finish and natural volumizing effect are the two instant solutions to your bad hair days.

OriginalFook Ultimate Matte Wax

Source: OriginalFook

You can blow-dry your hair without fear of melting the product as heat resistance is one of this hair wax's many unmatched properties. Whether your hair is short or of medium length, take a little and apply it through the lengths of your hair.

You can either use your fingers or a comb to pull your hair back and forth. If you dampen your hair a bit, you can re-style your look with ease.

Once you're through the day, you can wash it off with water and not worry about flaking. The aroma of the wax is as strong as its hold and lasts for a long time.

Such an excellent product yet cheap option can be yours for a killer price of $9.90 from Shopee.


A relatively new and revolutionary product in the men's styling department, this product is one of the best hair waxes in Singapore. Its unique property is in the powder's presence, which doesn't give a hard texture or stick to your hair strands.

Shiseido Matte Uno

Source: Shiseido UNO

Powerful and flexible, the Japanese formulation is incomparable in its stylish impact. A matte finish coupled with a potent base, the Shiseido brand is undoubtedly here to stay.

An important point to remember is that excess of the product is undesirable, so always use an adequate amount.

Hence, take a small amount first and work it through dry hair. Use it depending on the style of choice you wish to achieve and seal it in to hold the look intact in the end. This effective formula is available on Shopee for an attractive price of $11.90. 

9) American Crew Matte Clay

Here is another styling product from a household name in America. This clay adds shine, definition, and thickness to dull hair due to its enhanced flexibility and texture from ingredients like beeswax and kaolin clay.

American Crew Matte Clay

Source: American Crew

One of its visible benefits is the lightweight nature in which it imparts a strong hold and smooth texture. A matte finish is easily attainable, lasting throughout the day.

The product is ideal for lengths of hairstyles that vary between short to medium length. Fortified with several ingredients, your hair is left feeling good and smelling even better.

You can apply the clay to damp or dry hair and style it as per your preference. Washing off is as simple as the application, and there's no residue left behind.

You can add it to your cart for $14.95 as the American Crew Matte Clay is easily one of our bestsellers at House of Anarchy.

10) Reuzel Matte Styling Paste

From Holland's finest brand comes a styling paste that works wonders for types of hair of any length. Its ability to improve your hair's texture and hold leaves you with soft and manageable tresses.

Reuzel Matte Styling Paste

An increase in definition and volume are certainly huge rewards for those with thin hair. The water-soluble base also makes it easy to apply and wash off at the end of the day.

After using the paste, its incredible results include no artificial shine, just soft and thick hair. To apply, take a dime-sized quantity to start with and move it through your dried hair.

Once it disperses through your tresses, you can comb it or let it dry to achieve the look of your choice. Dispersal is simple, and styling is even more straightforward.

So, if you want to try out the styling paste and experience the benefits, check out the Reuzel Matte Styling Paste on House of Anarchy for a price of $26.90 only. 

11) Hair Dough Styling Clay for Men

If you are looking for something to improve your hair texture, then we highly recommend checking out this product. Made using the most carefully blended ingredients, it will help make your hair look and feel stronger and thicker with a shine-free matte finish.

Hair Dough Styling Clay

This quality hair wax also doesn't leave any unwanted residue in your scalp and hair tips, as it's water-base and highly soluble. This will ensure that your hair won't be exposed to harmful chemicals that might destroy its condition in the long run.

Source: Hair Dough

Ideal for all hair types, simply bundle your hair together and apply it through your hair strands equally. Additionally, cleaning and washing your hair at the end of the day won't be a pain either, as it is water-based and soluble.

If you want to try this product out and experience its hair-improving benefits, check it out on Amazon for $23.11.

Wrapping Up

Finding the perfect hair wax that suits you is challenging but hopefully this roundup has helped you find the right one.

If you’re looking for the latest deals and our bestsellers, check out our collection of hair waxes in Singapore.